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The Growing Importance of Crew Management Systems Market

Crew Management Systems Market

In the transportation industry, a good crew management system is important to ensure that operation can perform smoothly. Not only in the maritime industry, but crew management system can also work in flight combined with the IoT in aviation.

The crew management system is getting relevant to today’s transport operation. A research firm GMI Research estimated that the crew management systems market size reached USD 2.2 billion in 2022. It is also predicted to reach USD 4.9 billion in 2030, according to the research firm.

Features of Crew Management Systems

There are several features that can be utilized in crew management systems.

  1. Crew data management

This system allows the company to store and save the crew’s information in a centralized manner. This information includes crew’s license, certification, qualifications, and also personal information.

  1. Crew scheduling

The system can help management to schedule crew, including the work hours, break time, and leaves. It also allows the company to monitor the crew availability and ensure that there is a sufficient number of crew.

  1. Payroll and benefits management

Payroll and benefits can be managed more easily by using the system, in which the company can calculate and distribute the payroll in an accurate and effective manner. It also ensures transparency since the crew can monitor the exact amount of their salary and benefits.

  1. Crew performance management

By using this system, companies can monitor and evaluate crew’s performance regularly. This system also can help companies to identify any issue and give insightful feedback.

  1. Crew training and development

The company can also train crew and make sure that they have the qualifications, license, and experience required.

The Benefits of Using Crew Management System

With its features, the management system can give many advantages to the company during their operation.

  1. Improve efficiency

This management system helps to eliminate a lengthy and complex procedure such as a manual data entry. This can be timesaving, minimize worker exhaustion, and improve efficiency and productivity.

  1. Ensure compliance to regulatory requirements

This system can also ensure a company complies with various regulations and requirements imposed. Such as company and crew license, certification, and other legal requirements.

  1. Centralized crew data management

With centralized data management, the company and crew can access data in a more efficient way. It will also ensure the privacy and security of crew data management.

  1. Faster response to occurring issues

In case there are any issues occurring, the management system allows the company to take action swiftly. Whether to change crew or to handle issues regarding crew’s performance, company can take immediate action to handle the problem.

  1. Optimizing budget allocations

It can optimize budget allocations by reducing costs for human resources management. This way, the company can allocate the cost for another essential needs.


Even though the system can help to streamline and automate the crew management, there are some issues that can slow down the growth of the market. The lack of skilled professionals and the lack of capability of the management system to taking into account human factors can further hinder the market’s expansion.

The Growing Importance of Crew Management Systems Market

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