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What is Cat6 Riser and Why is it Inexpensive?

What is Cat6 Riser and Why is it Inexpensive

A majority of people purchase this Cat6 riser cable due to the fact that it’s a pretty good ethernet cable, with the ability to withstand temperatures that are extremely high and to self-extinguish flames. It could cause an outbreak of fire. However, it is unlikely to create the risk of fire. The cable has the correct specifications to stop any risk from happening. Even with all the high-tech specs and features, this riser-rated Cat6 cable comes with one drawback. It is able to emit toxic smoke in the event that it is caught on the flame. This is one of the reasons it’s less expensive in comparison to Cat6 Plenum cable.

Another reason for why Cat6 riser cable of 1000 feet is priced at a low cost is because the jacket of the cable is less than its counterpart in the plenum. It is constructed of different materials similar to the plenum. The most important thing to remember is that the price of the riser cable is generally less than that of the plenum thanks to the material used for making the jacket of the cable.

If you’re wondering whether the low cost for Cat6 riser cable Cat6 riser might be something you must be aware of, keep reading. In this article we’ll go through all the motives behind the inexpensive price of Cat6 riser cable. Let’s take a look.

It is a Cat6

The primary reason for the relatively affordable price that this cable has is because it’s an Cat6. Cat6 Ethernet cables are available for sale at a reasonable price in comparison to Cat6a as well as other new types of Ethernet cables.

Don’t underestimate the power of this cable due to its lower cost. It is not only a top-performing cable, it is also able to handle every kind of ethernet application such as gigabit, 10 Gigabit PoE, gigabit, and PoE. +/++.

For the record, since the cable is equipped with 24 AWG twisty pair wires, and other options like shielding of the cable and the solid conductors are not required and can reduce the price of the cable with no impact on their performance.

Riser Matters

The riser-rated jacket that comes with Cat6 cable Cat6 cable is a further factor in its cost-effectiveness. Communications multi-purpose riser (CMR) jackets are constructed using materials that cost less than plenum components.

The riser materials in this jacket for cables are able to stand up to extreme temperatures and are able to endure high temperatures, they may release toxic smoke in the event an incident of fire. They are second in quality to plenums and which is why they are more expensive. Additionally, the fact that they are not emitting harmful smoke makes the Ethernet cables costly, which the cable does not have.

Understand Ethernet Cable Costs

Ethernet cables’ costs can be Chrome hearts determined by the features they have. In order to comprehend the reasons why Cat6 riser cable is priced lower than other cables it is necessary to know its functions. It’s a common theme across all types of Ethernet cables. The choice of either a Cat5e or Cat6a, the price is dependent on the features that a specific Ethernet cable provides. There are some Cat6 or Cat6a cables for similar prices since the Cat6a has identical features to the Cat6 and, consequently, the same cost.

Does a low price means low quality?

But not always. The price of a product can be related to lower quality, but it’s not always the case when it comes to Ethernet cables. A low price for ethernet cables may provide what you require. It’s not too expensive and certainly not too much. For instance, a standard 1000ft riser cable for Cat6 can be priced between $100-$200. This may seem to be a bargain when contrasted to the price of a Cat6 Plenum cable, however it will provide you with what you require to fulfill a specific purpose. It’s the vertical installation for indoor use.

Indoor vertical installations that are within enclosed spaces, like inside walls or in between floors, don’t require a fancy Plenum Cat6 cable. You can use an affordable and high-quality Cat6 riser, and that is not a sign of low-quality.

Why So Inexpensive?

What is the reason it’s so cheap? It’s because the Cat6 riser cable is less expensive due to its attributes. Don’t be concerned though the features aren’t low-quality. They’re essential hoodiesexactly what you require. Its riser jacket for the Cat6 Ethernet cable is priced lower than LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) materials used in the plenum jacket, which is the reason it is less expensive.

Some might claim that this cable isn’t as cheap as it’s called to be. This is true in a certain sense. If it’s shielded technology means that it has a foil of metal around the conductors to stop crosstalk. It is priced about identical to an unshielded Cat6 Plenum. This is why specifications are crucial and this cable, with the CMR jacket is relatively cheap.

Is it worth it?

In a nutshell, absolutely. If you are looking for a low-cost solution (who does not?) to meet your Ethernet cabling needs This is an excellent cable. It’s reliable and it’s secure technology and the best part is that it was specifically designed for vertical indoor runs.

It comes with self-extinguishing fire extinguishing capabilities thanks to a fire-retardant coat on its jacket, which allows it to be completely suitable to use for runs that are vertical. In simple terms, it doesn’t cause flame to spread across its length.

Final Thoughts

Overall in all, it is a great choice. Cat6 riser cable offers a low-cost, extremely efficient ethernet cable to use to be used for a variety of network applications. It can be used to run your company together with the Cat6 plenum Ethernet to create efficient and affordable network connections. Be sure to adhere to the fire safety guidelines to avoid sticky circumstances.

What is Cat6 Riser and Why is it Inexpensive?

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