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Next-Generation Ethernet Cat6a Cables: Benefits and Advantages

Next-Generation Ethernet Cat6a Cables Benefits and Advantages

The right networking cable can be complicated to ensure the highest quality and performance. Of all the ethernet cables one of the most popular is Cat6a. It is the most well-known and offers a number of benefits of Cat6a. This cable is famous for its performance, which is due to its speed and bandwidth that helps to ensure a high-quality quality of signal.

This article we will look at some of the most important information regarding the benefits of cat6a cables and ways to choose the right cables for the network you are using. Go through this article to get full details and a greater understanding of the cable. To increase interest begin with an introduction to Ethernet cables.

What Is An Ethernet Cable?

An ethernet cable is often referred to as a “networking cable’. It is utilized in connecting local networks (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) to computers. It is essential in connecting routers, switches modems, printers, and routers for internet connectivity. The structure inside ethernet cable is composed entirely of copper wires that have eight separate colored wires.

The wires are then joined to create four pairs that enable the transfer of information without defects. The reason to use pure copper cable is due to copper’s conductivity being much superior to other type of material.

Cat6A Cable – Future Of Ethernet

The enhanced category 6 cable the the most recent variant of Cat6 Ethernet cable. This cable is most well-known for its use in data centers and for residential use. The commercial usage that this cable can be made is possible because it offers the highest data transmission speed as well as a high bandwidth. If the cable travels over an average long distance from 100 metres (328 feet) it can provide speeds that is as high as 10Gbit/s, and 10 Gbit/s in 50m (164 feet).

Cat6a has been tested for bandwidth speed of 700 MHz, which is sufficient for signal integrity and connectivity. The recommended length of the cable is 100 meters to achieve an ideal speed as well as data transfer speed. This cable with a high speed is able to support all fast Ethernet applications, including 1000BASE-T, 10GBASET, Audio/Video streaming, 622 ATM as well as 100 AnyLAN VG.

Cat6a Cable Benefits

Alongside the speed and bandwidth, cat6a cable comes with a number of advantages that place it at the top of the list of selecting the best cable.

The following are the benefits that come with upgrading the network you have with Cata cable.

Faster Data Transmission

The most significant benefit of Cat6a cables is its capacity for data transfer and the capability of transmitting data at speeds up to 10 Gbit/s.

This makes the cable more reliable, and is ideal for applications that require high-speed connectivity.

Extended Distance

Cat6a cables are superior in performance and quality contrasted with other category cables. They can transfer data for as long as 100 metres (328 feet).

The cable can also move data gallery departmentwithout any degradation, and also provide secure connectivity over larger areas.

Improved Shielding

The STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) of cat6a has higher quality and reduces the crosstalk as well as EMI to maintain the signal quality.

The shielding of cables allows the use of cable in a variety of data centers and in a variety of environments.


Cat6a cables are made to exceed and meet the standards of the industry and to meet the demands for ethernet cables.

Once you have installed this cable you’ll make sure that your cable is compatible with higher-speed Ethernet standards, and thus the future-proofing of your cabling structure.


This upgraded class 6 cable will be stronger for installation since the cable endures extreme temperatures in humidity, physical strain.

The outside jacket on cat6a is plenum or riser-rated, making it able to be utilized in the riser and spaces in the plenum of a building to stop the spread of fire.

Backward Compatibility

The backward-compatible Cat6a Ethernet cable is able to be used interchangeably with the previous Cat5E or Cat6.

It is possible to use this cable with existing network equipment, without having to replace all network equipment.

Fire Retardant Jacket

The jacket on the outside of the cable is composed of a plenum, or a riser (PVC) material if needed that is extremely resistant to fire.

The LSZH-rated material can reduce the release of harmful smoke and serve as a self-extinguisher for fires. Cat6a plenum cable provides the highest level of fire protection.

The most commonly used is in buildings equipped with fire safety training and the risk of fire spreading are greater.

PoE Supportive

The cable is able to be used to power over ethernet (PoE) that allows for the transfer of power and data simultaneously.

This new feature is great for wireless surveillance cameras, access points and VoIP phones, thus not needing different power cable.

Reliability and Performance

The inside structure of Cat6a Ethernet cable is comprised of 100 100% pure copper ensures continuous connectivity and a steady signal.

It reduces the risk of delay, loss of packets and degradation of data. It also assists in the transfer of massive files.

Wide Range Of Applications

Cat6a cables can be used in commercial, residential industrial, and residential setups. The cable is also utilized in educational, health sectors and data centers in which high-speed is required.

All in all, the cable is is capable of delivering all advantages of a single cable and once you have it installed, there is no need for another Ethernet cable to substitute.

These are the major advantages of cat6a cables which make it the ideal cable when you are planning your upgrade.

How To Buy Ethernet Cable

The purchase of an Ethernet cable is often more difficult if you are not knowledgeable of the item.

Before you purchase an ethernet cable be sure to keep these tips to be sure to make the right purchase.


Ethernet cables come in a variety of kinds, so if you decide to purchase new or expand your network, make sure you check the place.

The place of the cable is more important when it comes to the riser or plenum the cable must be placed across the plenum vertically or the riser spaces in the structure vertically.

Length Of Cable

The second crucial aspect to be looking for when selecting an Ethernet cable is the length that you require.

The best length for Cat6a Ethernet cable would be 100 meters. If you’re not certain about the length, it is recommended to purchase bulk cat6a cables in a 1000ft spool to ensure your security and reverse.


The influence of the environment should not be overlooked as it is the primary factor that guarantees a precise speed.

If your building has a complicated wiring structure, it is necessary to purchase Cat6a cable in order to enjoy the benefits of reducing the effects of EMI, RFI and crosstalk. Thus, you’ll get an unbroken network signal to your enterprise network.

Quality Does Matter

There are plenty of options to buy the cable you want, whether it is you purchase it online or by visiting the store on your own. Make sure to read the reviews. If you’re satisfied, then buy the color and jacket specifications.

Cat6a is costly, but some cost-effective products turn out to be expensive, so be prudent when investing in Cat6a.

In A Nutshell

Cat6a cable is a great choice thanks to its exquisite design and vibrant internal structure. It’s compatible with all ethernet speedy applications. High data transfer speeds and bandwidth are the other important factors to consider when buying this cable.

The many advantages of this cable are reliability, performance, and compatibility with PoE /+/++, and a vast variety of applications. If you’re planning to invest in an Ethernet cable, Cat6 is a highly suggested cable to choose for your server and network requirements.

Next-Generation Ethernet Cat6a Cables: Benefits and Advantages

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Next-Generation Ethernet Cat6a Cables: Benefits and Advantages

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