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Planning The Family Trip Itinerary For Tropical Escape Of Kerala

family trip itinerary

Family trips isn’t just a vacation but an entire adventure. A trip with the family to Kerala will first be a chance to inscribe happiness in the hearts of those. When the destination has the lush and culture rich paradise of Kerala the excitement grows even more.

It takes you from the bustling Chennai to the tranquil backwaters and arid hills of Kerala. In short, this exotic vacation is a dream that is just waiting to be discovered. Through this travel guide, we’ll take care to plan a trip for the family that goes beyond the typical. The guide also offers a beautiful look at Kerala’s beauty, culture and friendly welcome.

Day 1 Day 1: Departure from Chennai Set the Stage

The curtain is raised on this family saga, by the time we leave Chennai. This is a city in which culture, history, and modernity are in harmony. The choice of a early or mid-day flight will ensure a smooth transfer to Kerala. It will also give you more time available for touring on the landing.

First, the entire family comes the ground on Cochin Airport, the primary entry point to Kerala. In accordance with your schedule for your family vacation, an organized mode of transport will be waiting. It could be an elegant cab or rental vehicle. It will take you to your chosen paradise in the tropics.

Day 2-3: Cochin, Unveiling History’s Layers

Cochin is a place that blends the past with the present effortlessly. Cochin also offers an ideal place to start your family’s Kerala excursion.

The first few days are used to discover the riches in Fort Kochi. The Fort Kochi district has echoes of the footsteps of explorers from the past and colonial powerhouses.

Experience the unique Chinese Fishing Nets Saint Francis Church, Jew Street and Jew Street, and the Santa Cruz Basilica. It also forms an old time charm that is revealed each step.

While you’re there, let your family immerse themselves in the rich local culture by watching an Kathakali program. It is a traditional dance that tells tales that are based on Indian epics. To do this, they employ colorful costumes and expressive movements.

Day 4-5: Munnar, A Symphony of Greens and Tranquility

The story then takes you through the family in a trapstar suitfamily to Munnar which is a picturesque hill station. It is situated between the rolling mountains and lush tea garden. In the travel to Cochin towards Munnar is a first visual orchestra.

It’s even more enchanting with twisting roads that offer glimpses of lush landscapes around every turn. Enjoy these days soaking up the splendor of the tea garden. Discover the fascinating Mattupetty Dam, and see the wildlife that lives in the Eravikulam National Park. You can also watch the unique Nilgiri Tahr roams freely.

Day 6-7: Thekkady, A Wild Sonata and Spice Symphony

From the smoky heights of Munnar the family treks to Thekkady. This is the place that is home of The Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. Enjoy a boat trip on the tranquil Periyar Lake. It also offers the opportunity to see deer, elephants, as well as a variety of species of birds.

It is possible to enjoy it in the background that is lush and green. In the meantime, you can explore the spiciness of spices by visiting an agricultural farm. In the farm, families can indulge their senses with the cultivation of different spices. They are, in essence, the foundation of Kerala’s delicious food.

Day 8-9: Alleppey, Navigating the Liquid Serenity

The journey to Kerala is complete without a cruise on a houseboat through the beautiful backwaters. Alleppey is a essential region to go to for this experience. Enjoy a night and day floating through tranquil backwaters, surrounded by the emerald landscapes and countryside.

The houseboat is an idyllic floating paradise. They not only provide luxury but also a front row view to the stunning views. The scenery is constantly changing with each of the passing minutes.

Day 10-11: Kovalam, The Coastal Crescendo

In the final movement of this family-friendly symphony the route leads to Kovalam. Kovalam is a beach paradise where sand, sun and the ocean meet. Lighthouse Beach and Hawa Beach are inviting families to relax in the golden sandy beaches.

There is also the possibility of participating in water activities. Then, enjoy the delicious seafood that sets apart the coast of Kerala. The evenings are a visually celebration with the sun setting on the Arabian Sea. While, the sun casts hues of pink and orange across the sky.

Day 12: Return to Chennai, Echoes of Farewell

The family bids goodbye to Kerala’s beautiful tropical landscapes. The memories are echoed with the poignancy of the joys and friendships formed on this delightful trip.

Plan a return trip to Chennai via road or air. In the meantime, take a moment of reflection as you drive through the scenes that are etched in memory. Fly swiftly that will bring the family back the city from which they began their journey.

Conclusion, The Overture of Memories

The process of planning an Keralapackage Kerala trip for the family Chennai can be a meticulous task. It’s like writing an album that is brimming with a variety of delights. This will accommodate the preferences and interests of every family member.

It has the enchanting past of Cochin as well as the misty heights of Munnar and wildlife viewings in Thekkady. In addition, it transports you to the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey and the quaint coastal beauty of Kovalam. In essence, every move creates a unique and relaxing family trip.

A meticulously planned trip plan ensures that each day is filled with happiness. It allows you to explore and the distinct tastes of Kerala’s tropical delights. The first step is to embrace the beauty of Kerala.

Let the family’s trip itinerary become a page in the book of memories. It begins with the bustle of Chennai and moves to Kerala’s serene hills and backwaters. This exotic getaway gives you an unforgettable experience that is different from the typical. It gives everyone a treasure of delights to enjoy for a long time to follow.

Planning The Family Trip Itinerary For Tropical Escape Of Kerala

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Planning The Family Trip Itinerary For Tropical Escape Of Kerala

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